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Posted by : Rimia Alkahestry Monday, October 13, 2014

Eventhough I was sad over what happened to my favourite group, other groups come to cherish me. You know I have many other favourite groups and bands, and some of them are making their comeback and debut this month. That means I can spazz them happily as always.

1. Woollim Girls (debut)

I've been waiting for them since 3 years ago, and you know how happy I am when I heard the news? I yelled and jumped up and down lol. I was just so happy, finally they would have their debut. It had been to long. They will have their debut in the end of this month, or early of next month. They will debut with 8 members (no, they are not divided into two groups), we have 4 official members, Baby Soul, Yoo Jiae, JIN, and Lee Mijoo, the others are unknown, but probably Seo Jisoo would join the lineup, so there are three other members who we don't know. Woollim is said to have many secrets trainees. I got some names of trainees, but I don't know which trainee will join the lineup. I'm positive Jisoo will join. She is said to be the trainee who came back after left the company.
It's still a pity I can't have my Jia in. T^T
If she were in the lineup, I would be very very happy, more than I feel now.

2. VIXX (comeback)

VIXX is one of groups that I like so much. They're unique and funny, and always have the coolest concepts. Eternity is not enough for me, means that I still want to see them promoting again. That's why as soon as they have finished Eternity promotion, I felt that I missed them so much. VIXX tv has reached its 100th episode, and no more Vixx tv. But, nowww they're coming back with new mini album titled Error, and there is VIXXtv 2 YAYYYYY can you see how happy I am? kkkk
They had dropped their MV teaser and highmedley. It's cool as always. They'll be back in this week.

3. Epik High (comeback)

I've been wondering when they will have a comeback. The 7th album is out two years ago, and I have missed them. I need something from them, and Tablo oppa didn't reply my tweet about Eternal Morning lol. It's kind of frustrating lolol. They always inspire me, and the tittle of this 8th album 'Shoebox' already give me inspiration to write stories.

October is hurtful yet exciting.

See you later, everyone!

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