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Posted by : Rimia Alkahestry Wednesday, April 02, 2014

you guys know exacly why I fangirling over FTI again. lol it's because of Honggi. His voice made me realized that I should be together with them lol~ and I'm so into bands these days, indie bands, rock bands kkkk~ I think I've left my syndrom before. I listen to hiphop songs a lot, and now it's a mix. Actually I listen much to ballads, and then I switch to rocks lol~ I just listen everything, every genre that makes me happy. And I'm happy because I listen to FTI's songs XD~
未体験future is their new Japenese single. Its PV had been released on March 17th and the album is on sale on April 2nd. Why am I excited? it's because 未体験future is a great song! I, who is starting to listen to FTI again, found 未体験future amazing. Idk, it's just my style lol~ and it fit perfectly with Honggi's voice <333 it's wonderful to start over, it's wonderful to be back to Honggi, *cough* FTI kkkkk ^0^
Honggi is just adorable with black hair, isn't he? kkkkk this is the tickets for their Japanese fanmeetings.

there was a news saying that they would make a Korean comeback this month! and I found myself even excited MUAHAHAHA

FTI fighting!!

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