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Posted by : Rimia Alkahestry Sunday, April 06, 2014

Chanyeol's photo is just like Lay's. I wonder why they make them different than the others. Since I've made wrong guess, I think the next photos would be Suho and Xiumin's. You know what I've made a list for this lol.
On the first day, 2 individual photo teaser revealed are Kai and Luhan's. And then I made the order, but actually I didn't put the date, I just combined who with who. And I've guessed wrong, since I thought Kris's photo will be revealed with Suho's, because the two are leaders. But, now I thought Kris' was with Chanyeol's since both were rapper, and they both were the tallest member in their each sub group.

Here's the correct list
April 2nd - Kai & Luhan (visual)
April 3rd - Sehun & Tao (maknae)
April 4th - D.O & Lay (vocal)
April 5th - Chanyeol & Kris (rapper)

Then I guess the order will be like this:
April 6th - Suho & Xiumin (the oldest in each sub group)
April 7th - Baekhyun & Chen (main vocal)

or it can change? lol. and I didn't know did I put the right information why each two members are put together. I didn't think anything at the first time, but when Sehun and Tao's photos were revealed, I thought the order would be 'members who have the same charge in each sub group'.
But, there are many people who have different assumptions than me. The order was not like what I've written above. Whoever who looks at it, it looks so simple and plain, where others guess the concept related to their ability in mama era lol.

The concept for this comeback would be related to shadow or phantom, and they said there will be no ot12 performing together, and that makes me sad. I think I can't be that excited like before, like the time they have a comeback as ot12.

and Baekhyun said in the radio days ago, the comeback song (as I caught from his words) is like a song we didn't like at the beginning, but in the end we would end up liking it. I thought it was the same when wolf era. The boy was uncertain about the song, wolf and beauty, but he believed in the company anyways. The boys had won some trophies for wolf, even thought I saw some evil comments about the song. And what the song is like then? the mv teaser will be released at april 7th. looking forward to it.

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