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Posted by : Rimia Alkahestry Saturday, April 13, 2013


“Why are you taking me here, Shin? I thought we would eat at your favorite pasta restaurant.” Yoo Jia blinked as she entered a fancy clothing store. Her hand was in her boyfriend’s. Shin giggled when he looked at her expression, she was totally surprised.
“Yeah, we will eat later, Dear.” He said as he pulled her and made her coming closer. He messed up her hair with his other hand. “Are you that hungry?” he laughed.
Jia frowned. “Yah, stop it.” She pushed Shin’s hand away from her head. She then fixed her hair with her fingers. Shin just chuckled. “I’m not really hungry. You said you were.” She told him.
“I did?” Shin looked confused. Jia nodded. Jia could not help but smiled when she saw his confused face. It was adorable and hilarious at the same time.
“You didn’t remember? You said it when we were two blocks away from here.” Jia reminded him.
“But now I’m not hungry.” he said. He shook his free hand. “It’s okay, we can eat later.” he laughed. Jia just chuckled, pretended to believe what he said even she just heard his tummy grumbling.
“Can you tell me why we’re here? Are you going to buy something?” Jia asked him while her eyes scanning around the store. There were many people who were busy picking clothes. Every clothes here, dresses, gowns, they all looked so beautiful and luxurious. Jia’s face brightened up as she saw a beautiful black dress far from she and Shin were standing. She did not need that kind of dress, but the dress really took her attention. She looked around and found a pair of black high hell shoes that maybe looked good together with the dress. Jia smiled to herself about her thoughts.
“Yes, I’m going to buy something, my Dear.” Shin’s voice made Jia comeback to reality. She turned around and saw Shin pointing the men clothing section. Before she could ask, he already said,”I’m going to buy a tux.”
“Tux? For what?” she blinked, she did not get what he had said.
“To attend a party.” He told her. “Haven’t I told you yet about it?” he blinked while he stared at her.
Confused, Jia shook her head. “You haven’t told me anything.”
“Ah, I forgot to tell you.” he slapped his forehead slowly. She just chuckled to see how forgetful her boyfriend was.
“So, what party is it?” Jia nudged him.
“My Dad’s.” he replied. “Dad will return to Seoul this Sunday. It’s been a while I didn’t see him.” he laughed happily. Jia could see that he really missed his father. She smiled slightly.
“So it’s a welcome party to your Dad?” she asked curiously.
“You can say that. But it’s also for the company. The company has some new branches, you know. It’s about five.” Shin showed his left hand fingers. He smiled wider.
Jia nodded. “I think I smell something here.” She said playfully.
Shin laughed like a little boy. “Ta-da! I’ll be in charge of the one of the branches!”
Jia’s eyes brightened up as she heard the news. “Congratulation!” she cheered him. “You should tell me earlier so I can prepare something as a present.” She pouted.
“Don’t buy me a present.” Shin was still laughing. “I think I don’t deserve it. I’m still lack in working. You know, working in your Dad’s office sometimes is a burden to yourself.” His laugh changed to a nervous one.
“Is it really a burden to you?” Jia asked. Shin never talked this to her, not even once. Shin started to work in his Dad’s company after he was graduated from the university. It was said that Shin would get the company his, his Dad would give the authority, that one day Shin would become the president of the company. But Shin really worked from the bottom. He entered the company without any help from his Dad. When he got promoted, it was not because his Dad, it was because he was worth to be promoted himself. Now it reached the time when Shin got promoted to be a chief of one of the new branches. It was hard to him, Jia thought. She tightened her hand in his.
“Maybe it is, but I try my best not to think it as a burden anymore.” he told Jia while smiling. She smiled back at him.
“I know you can do it.”
Shin giggled. “Thanks, Dear.” He scanned over the shop and then dragged her to the men clothing section. After picking some tuxedos and finding a best one, he picked out a pair of shoes. Shin said he wanted to look good in the party, he would meet many people and most of them were his Dad’s relations. He said it with shy smile on his face. Jia just chuckled.
“You always look good. No need to worry.” Jia said as she handed the tux he was going to buy to one of the store employees.
“Is that so?” He laughed. He patted her shoulder. “Now it’s your turn.” He formed a huge smile on his face.
She blinked. “For what?”
“You go picking a dress.”
“Why? I don’t plan to buy a dress.” She said, even she has glanced the beautiful black dress that took her attention for uncounted times.
“You will go to the party with me, won’t you? I’m not going to the party alone, right? I need you with me. I think it’s the time to tell Dad about us.”
Jia widened her eyes in surprise. “Are you serious? Why should you tell him on the party?” she sounded shrieked out.
“Because he barely returns to Seoul, remember?” Shin laughed. “Now go. Pick a dress yourself!” he pushed her to the women clothing section. Jia glanced at him, gave him a confused stare. Shin just waved at her and right then gave her a sign to quickly pick the dress. It was too sudden and confusing, about meeting his Dad. She would meet his dad for the first time. She did not know his dad would like her or not, but she was not confident and she was afraid. She was worried that his dad would not like her and he didn’t agree with her relationship with Shin. She let out a heavy sigh. It was difficult for her, wasn’t it?
Filling her mind with those thoughts, she then turned back and started to pick the dress. She directly went to the place where the beautiful black dress was. Fortunately, not one grabbed it first before her. She happily took it and she as well took the black shoes she had seen before. She turned around and not saw one employee near her to help her with the dress. She then walked to the cashier but she simply bumped into someone. She hurriedly looked up. She saw a familiar figure standing in front of her, a tall guy with fair skin and black sharp eyes, the one who has no expression on his face. He’s got brown hair and pointed nose. He stared at Jia like he never saw her before. He stared at her with an annoying cold stare.
“Myungsoo? What are you doing here?” Jia asked. She looked down and realized what he was wearing. “You work… here?” she was quite surprised when she found it out.
“As you see.” He replied coldly. Even it was cold answer, Jia got used to it. She always heard those kinds of cold words all her life just because she was a close friend of his. More than just close friends, they were best friends. They knew each other for years.
“You don’t tell me anything.” She said, and she was confused to find people didn’t tell her anything. Shin was the first, and now it’s Myungsoo, she thought. It was like all people were keeping secrets from her. Yeah, she thought she was too much.
“I just worked here recently, that doesn’t mean I forgot to tell you.” he said without any expressions on his face. Once again she got used to see his expressionless face.
“That’s okay.” Jia nodded and smiled. She just realized something. “You’re bringing Shin’s tux.” She pointed at the tux he was bringing.
“Yeah. I guess I can take your dress also.” He pointed at dress and pair of shoes she was bringing.
“Oh, yes, please.” She handed him the dress and shoes.
“Going to a party, huh?” he asked Jia as he placed the clothes neatly in his arms.
She nodded. “Yeah, it’s Shin’s Dad’s.” she didn’t need to explain who Shin was, because Myungsoo already knew. She always told Myungsoo everything, not except her relationship with Shin. “You want to come?” she asked weirdly while she herself was not invited officially.
“Why should I? I’m not even being invited. Besides I don’t know him nor his father.” He replied coldly as always. She sighed as she saw he walked away to the cashier. Seconds later, he turned around, stared at Jia and said
“Hope you will enjoy the party.”

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