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Posted by : Rimia Alkahestry Wednesday, March 14, 2012

English Translation:

Girl, I can't explain what I feel.
Oh baby my baby, baby, baby, baby..yeah.

A long day feels like as if it was only a second
Everyday seems like a story that was written for you
This scene is a romantic love story, the next scene is an action movie main male character
I act as the only hero in your heart

(You're so perfect) I suddenly anticipate walking towards the future with you
Don't hide love, hold onto happiness, as long as you can be honest

* I lost my mind when you walk into my sight
The whole world around you get in slow motion
Please tell me if this is love
Love is everywhere, it lets me forget hurt, help take away sadness, learn to care
Fought before, cried before, still can hug/embrace
Please tell me if this is love

When I hold your hand, the whole world envies
When you kiss me, I realize that this feeling will never change
They say forever, maybe not anymore
However you trusted that I would love you no matter what, you will slowly understand

I don't know why, nothing can replace this feeling
Love is unexpected, you let me become the best man
As long as I'm by your side, life becomes glorious

Repeat *

Tonight, I thought of when you opened the curtains and made a wish to the stars
Like a fairytale happy ending, happily ever after
From now on, do things for you, feel distressed for you, wait for you, I will never leave
I just want to give you my whole life's love

Repeat *

When you hold my hand, the whole world envies
When you kiss me, I finally realize this feeling will never change
My babe, baby babe, baby baby-
I can't not think of you, whether this is love

I just want to let you laugh like an innocent child
I just want to give you friend-like comfort
My babe, baby babe, baby.baby-
Please tell me what is love

source :  http://hazaopopminhae.blogspot.com/2012/02/exo-m-what-is-love-chinese-lyrics.html

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