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Posted by : Rimia Alkahestry Monday, March 12, 2012

마치 아무것도 모르는 아이로 그렇게 다시

태어난 순간 같이

에덴 그곳에 발을들인 태초에 그처럼

매일 너 하나만 하나면 마음으로 믿으면
아주 작은것이라도 널 힘들게 하지 못하게
항상 지키고싶어
너의 수호자로
저 거센 바람을 막고
네 편으로 모두 다 등을 돌려도
힘에 겨운 어느 날 네 눈물을 닦아줄
그런 한 사람될수있다면 어디든 천국일테니
널 사랑하게 되버린 난 이제 더이상 돌아갈곳이 없어요 날개를 거둬가셨죠

English translation :

You are more dazzling than an angel in my mind
I would never allow anyone to hurt you
As if it’s the first time I enter Eden.
I just want to look at you, think about you everyday
Prevent even one grain of dust and sand to approach you, to harm you.
Guarding you forever, I’m totally in love
As you guard
I will always be there
Even when the world is apathetic
Every time you feel depressed and upset, I will wipe off your tear.
It doesn’t matter where I am, as long as I am with you, everywhere is heaven
Loving you, I have nowhere else to go with no wings, the everlasting life is deprived

credit : hangul lyric --> http://blog.daum.net/kinda-chan/28

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