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Kim Sunggyu
Leader and Main vocal!

Q1.A job you admired when you were young?
I liked bands since young age so I admired rock bands' vocals. In high school I joined one myself and sung MUSE's songs and others. I have admired singers continuously.

Q2.Any episodes that made you embarrassed of members?
Sungjong dances to girl group songs a lot on TV. He practices in the dorm endlessly. However, it is somehow both funny and embarrassing watching him dancing sexy right in front of me.

Q3.So we heard you are a mania of healthy food. How do you manage your health?
I not only rely on healthy foods but do simple stretchings and dance practice whenever I can. When I have time I do health trainings as well. But the best and most important is to sleep enough and think positive.

Q4.What did you talk about with members when you came first with 'Be Mine'?
I was worried if it would make them lazy and too up themselves. We gave advices and cheers to keep the first place.

Q5. Tell us some episodes that happened in Japan!
This summer, not only our showcase and first live, we participated in lots of live performances in Japan.It rained during outdoor performances in Korea. Most of the times it did in Japan too. This is unbelievable! There must be a member who's carrying rain with him.

Q6.Finally you debut with BTD in Japan on November 19th. How do you feel? 
Even though we are a rookie in Japan, we have experience of performing for more than a year in Korea so we will do our best without thinking that we are rookies. I want to show Infinite's cool sides to Japanese fans quickly!

Kim Myungsoo
Big hit in Japanese drama as an actor!

Q1.A job you admired when you were young?
I admired chefs. I always thought chef in the kitchen of the restaurant I go often was really cool. At home, I tried to copy him. It was good that I went into kitchen but I was scolded because I broke lots of dishes...(laughs)

Q2.Any episodes that made you embarrassed of members?
Sungyeol plays in Korean drama called 'While You're Asleep' and he always ask me to teach him how to be a good actor. It's really embarrassing because I'm not that good either.

Q3.Most remarkable incident in Japanese Drama "Jiwoo"?
First drama, in foriegn country! I was both nervous and excited. Communication was the hardest part. I sent a telepathy to a person near whn I was hungry. Then the person turned around and gave me something to eat! Isn't it great?! My telepathy is awesome!

Q4.You came to Japan a lot for drama shooting. Advices to members how to enjoy Japan!
First, I reckon they need to study Japanese properly. You can't even order what you want to eat if you can't speak Japanese.. Enjoying is after studying~

Q5.Wasn't it hard singing BTD in Japanese?
When we released BTD in Korea, I thought that it sounded like J-Pop. I visited Japan most times among the members and also studied Japanese a lot! So the Japanese pronounciation is perfect!...hopefully(laughs)

Q6.Give us your resolutions!
Infinite means endless. As the name, we have infinite possibilities. As we did in Korea, we are looking forward to succeed in Japan!

Jang Dongwoo
Infinite's main rapper!

Q1.A job you admired when you were young?
I admired the speed  of cars while watching a car race in an animation. I wanted to be a car racer. I am the first to get driver's license in Infinite! It was fun to drive in 'You Are My Oppa' with members~

Q2.Any episodes that made you embarrassed of members?
Why is Hoya always dancing and rapping. He sleeps while listening to hip hop, and he dances in his sleep.Hoya was walking by himself before. He was rapping as well as walking. It was quite embarrassing. (laughs)

Q3.It seems like your roommate L talks in his sleep. What was the funniest recently?
He said 'It's fine' and 'Don't go...' in Japanese in his sleep. Also his pose when sleeping is weird~ I woke up once because he hit me in his sleep. Once my glasses broke because L hit it in his sleep.

Q4.What's the most unforgettable incident after debut?
The time when we went on stage first time  performing 'Come Back Again'. 2010 October 6th M countdown was our debut stage. Also, on 2011 September 1st, we came first with 'Be Mine' on M countdown!

Q5.Memory in Japan?
When we came to Japan for showcase, L had drama shooting, and Woohyun, Hoya anf Sungyeol had an intetview so Sunggyu,Sungjong and I went to Tokyo Tower to enjoy our free time. We had crêpe there. It was so nice!

Q6.Your opinion of BTD?
In Korea the scorpion dance was issued.A fan gave us real scorpions as present.

Nam Woohyun
Infinite's mood maker

Q1.A job you admired when you were young?
I wanted to be a scientist who invents time machines like Doctor Brown from 'Back To The Future'.

Q2.Any episodes that made you embarrassed of members?
When there's not enough time we bathe together. When Sunggyu and I bathed together we were embarrassed after seeing each other's body.

Q3.Do you feel pressured in Immortal Songs2?
Since it is totally different to Infinite's performances, I go on stage every week feeling greatly pressured. However, I am trying to feel confident by the fact that I am representing Infinite.

Q4.It's been a year and a half from Korea debut. The most remarkable incident?
When Infinite came first with 'Be Mine'! I was so happy the tear kept falling down against my will. Didn't I cry much? I cry a lot.

Q5.Most noticeable point of Infinite?
Our team dance which is in 99,9% sync. We  practiced dancing 18 hours a day during trainee times. It was just too much that Sungjong vomitted once. It is a result of trying hard.

Q6.Any close idols?
SHINee's Key. He told me that I was really good at Japanese. Isn't Key's Japanese great? I should study hard too. He gives me lots of advice as a senior.

Lee Sungjong
Popular in variety TV programs!

Q1.A job you admired when you were young?
I was a kid who liked TV music shows very much. While watching a live performance I wanted to be a singer.

Q2.Any episodes that made you embarrassed of members?
L is very handsome. But it's embarrassing when he tells people how handsome he is!

Q3.You have been on variety programs the most. What is important in variety?
I'm not really sure but I reckon reaction is very important.Dongwoo has the most sense of variety however he can't fully show his potential yet.

Q4.Something you always need?
MP3 player. I always carry this around when going out. Of course it's filled with Infinite's songs!

Q5.What changed after winning first place with 'Be Mine'?
We can have a bit more expensive meal! For example let's say we used to have just hamburgers. Now we can add one more cheese!(He's saying the food is better not that they eat hamburgers with one extra cheese)I am still growing so I need to eat a lot.(Laughs)

Q6.How do you feel about Japan debut?
I am very excited. I can't wait till I meet Japanese fans~ BTD has strong Infinite taste in it. Didn't we sing well in Japanese? Please listen to it~

Lee Sungyeol
Many appearances in Korean dramas!

Q1.A job you admired when you were young?
I wanted to be a pilot because whenever I look up in the sky when I was young, there were always airplanes flying in the air.

Q2.Any episodes that made you embarrassed of members?
Once there were lot of fans in front of our dorm and Dongwoo fell down the stairs. I was acting cool...that was embarrassing!(chuckles)

Q3.You are here because of..? 
Producer Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo(Sweetune). They taught me lots of things since debut. Singing of course and how to behave on stage, courtesy behind the stage.. Seongyeolie is here thanks to those two!

Q4.Something you can show off to othet member?
Height. I made the average height a bit taller.(Laughs) Because I'm the tallest, members ask me to change the light bulbs in the dorm.

Q5.You are casted in a Korean drama. How is it?
I play Yoon Sojun who is a nerd but marry  as his girlfriend is pregnant durinh high school.Sometimes I am nervous because I am the youngest and there are so many veteran actors.I always wanted to be an actor so I am happy that I can do what I want.

Q6.Give us resolutions!
Us Infinite is finally debuting in Japan! It wasn't that hard to sing in Japanese. I am sure all of us can improve in Japan!

Lee Howon
Best Dancer of Infinite!

Q1.A job you admired when you were young?
I admired Michael Jackson. I wanted to become a world singer by watching his songs and dances. That is how I am here now.

Q2.Any episodes that made you embarrassed of members?
Woohyun acts cute(aegyo) often to fans but I feel embarrassed whenever he does that... Woohyun seems to enjoy it but watching it is just embarrassing...

Q3.Hoya=dance, dance=hoy. Are there any tips for 99.9% sync dancing?
Only practicing! We practice about 8 hours a day.Practice with dance teacher as well as sweating.

Q4.Any dance rivals in Infinite?
Sungjong! I can't dance sexy. Of course I am trying but Sungjong is too.(Laugh)

Q5.What was the first impression of Japan?
Last July I came to Japan as a member of Infinite but before that I visited Japan for a family trip when I was young. We went to Kyoto...But not sure whete we went.(laughs) But my favourite food in the world is 'fish sushi'

Q6.How do you feel about Japan debut?
When I first heard about Japan debut, what I wanted was to come first on Oricon chart! I also think it is meaningful to sing BTD in Japanese which we sung in korea.

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